Welcome to Personnel Management Information System!

Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) holds and manages all the basic information of employee such as: personal information, family background, educational background, service background etc. It monitors employee performance, leave of absence etc. Available reports includes personnel data sheet, personnel movement, service record etc. Security features like basic audit trail which track all activity conducted on the system, user access level and standard login. It’s a decision support system designed to provide general guidance and information on all areas of Janata Bank Personnel Management.

This will increase efficiency, speed and reliability of the information. In this project, an efficient creation and management of staff record in the Human Resources Division has been ensured through a user defined database management system. The program is made to automatically updating staff information. Modification of record is carried out by updating already existing record depending on when an existing staff is promoted or transferred to a new department or branch. The system eliminates the problems encountered with the manual system, and enhance speedy processing of information.